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Getting Started with OpenStack

Government Hubs, Hardware & Libraries


Softheon Dev Portal

Softheon Workshop UI
Softheon Workshop UI is a front-end CSS library to quickly build awesome web user interfaces.

Softheon Wallet
The Softheon Wallet is a RESTful web service designed to enable applications to securely and easily accept payments while minimizing your PCI-DSS scope.

Softheon Enterprise API.
Softheon’s Enterprise API is a RESTful web service designed to interact with core resources of Softheon.



Cisco Dev Portal

Cisco Meraki Dev Portal

Get Started

Bluetooth API
Allows for control over Meraki BLE Beacons and Receivers.

Dashboard API
Allows for control over Meraki Dashboard (adding network devices, naming them, etc).

Scanning API
Access to information such as # of clients, location analytics, dwell times, etc.

Captive Portal API Used for authenticating end user clients onto the network.

Northwell Health:

Northwell Dev Portal

Hack@CEWIT Challenges
Northwell Health's API Baking Challenge and No-Show Predictive Challenge will each award a $1000 cash prize + a VIP tour of their Innovation Center to the winning teams.

Northwell Data Access

Northwell Data Dictionary